Tall stories from Jervaulx - Volume 1

Hardy & Greys came to Jervaulx on July 3rd 2013 to do a photo shoot concerned with the launch of their new product ranges, which should be appearing shortly. Jervaulx was chosen because it offers such a perfect combination of small lake and river fishing with good access and fine scenery.

The Ure was a bit too high on the day to be on form and although the water was clearing, the gauge was at 70cm, which is slightly too high for the trout to rise well, but nonetheless, the company was very satisfied with the shots it got on the river and we can look forward to some appearing in the Hardy catalogue in the future.

The team, led by John Henderson, the key account manager, then moved to lake two, which was fishing well, although it was challenging, because there was still a good deal of weed in place which had survived the first and second cuts. The mares' tails in particular were a real problem at that point in the season and the lake was nowhere near clear. John managed to catch several fish despite this and we only wish that it had been possible to clear the weed as effectively as we did with the third cut, but as ever, our problem was a shortage of volunteers.

The high point of the day came when John led the party up to lake one, on Michael Brown's advice. Lake one is awaiting repair by the estate and it too has weeded up quite badly, with the result that the trout are restricted to a kidney shaped area of water and the casting was best described as extremely challenging. Using one of the new rods, John put in a display of virtuoso nymph casting, repeatedly dropping his fly right on the nose of one of a pair of cruising trout. The water was exceptionally clear and there wasn't a breath of wind, but after what seemed an age, one of the fish made a confident take and the result can be seen above. John was over the moon with the catch, and our judgment is that the fish is one of the best conditioned rainbows we have ever seen, so just imagine what lake one will be like once it is repaired and the weed cut!

The trout is still swimming around in the lake, by the way, so it could be your turn next!